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Tanzania: Island of peace or in pieces?

Image result for photos of tundu lissu and magufuli             Two salient incidents ensued in the country last week. The first is the cowardly attempt on the life of the president of Tanzania Legal Society (TLS), MP for Singida East and Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) chief legal counsel Tundu Lissu in Dodoma recently. It left Tanzania paralysed. Unknown people pumped over 20 ammos into Lissu who miraculously survived; and is still receiving medical treatments in Nairobi, Kenya. This bratty, brutal, horrific and terrific act is a gory scar on Tanzania. Up until now, nobody knows the motive[s] and motif[s] behind such barbaric and horrific attack.  It is too early to point fingers. Though, looking at the role Lissu has been playing in the country; the nature and style of the act, it is easy to link his attack with his vocalness. The Inspect General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro and CHADEMA Chairperson, Freeman Mbowe, said that Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) was used on the broad daylight.  Before being shot, Lissu had previously complained to the authorities about being trailed by unknown people in car whose colour and number he reported to the authorities that took no action. Why? According to Mtama MP, Nape Nnauye, this car has been trailing other MPs.
            Now the Island Of Peace, Tanzania has been for longhas been put to the test.  We need to ask some spikey questions: How many Lissus must die for authorities to wake up from their slumber? Is Tanzania tired of tranquility and peaceability it has enjoyed for over 50 years? Those employing the art of killing detractors must remember: African countries whose rule is built on chaotic and shake foundations due to being or once being engrossed in violent conflicts started like this.
            To do away with bedlam resulting from the elimination of opponents, Tanzanians, especially the authorities, need to understand; this country belongs to all equally. Nobody is better than others. Quite so, nobody’s views or ideology are better than others. Nobody has the right to take away anybody’s right to expression, belief and life simply because of having opposing views.  True democracy is a magic bullet if not wand that can avert such nonsense and beastiality. Killing opponents is the solution for cowardly and skinny dictators.  If you kill one critic many will sprout right away. When Christopher Mtikila died, as an archcritic of the authorities, there came Lissu.
            They can kill Lissu and suchlike simply because they are uncontainable. Detain and torture them. You can’t detain their mouths or ideas.  Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara or Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela and Seletse Khama died. However, their ideas are still alive. Lissu too, can be killed; and dispose corporeally. Yet again, nobody can dispose or kill his ideal ideas.  By the way, is there any human being that’ll live forever?
            The second incident was the handing over of two reports to president John Magufuli on diamond and tanzanite that unearthed mega corruption in the mineral sector as a typical replica of what’s been going on for over a half decade almost in every venture the government has ever entered. To show his talons, Magufuli sanctioned the resignations of his two ministers, George Simbachawene (Minister of State in the President’s Office: Regional Administration and Local Government), Edwin Ngonyani, (Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and communication).
                        Implicated government officials were left to the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to deal with them. As for implicated politicians such as MPs, it seems the government doesn’t know what to do. Again, there is an answer to this; though from unexpected quarters. Handing over the reports, the speaker of national parliament Job Ndugai proposed that all parties whose members are implicated should be notified so that they replace them. He cited CUF’s example of nullifying the membership of some MPs whom it thereafter expelled and replaced. Implicated in the two reports were MPs Andrew Chenge and William Ngeleja (CCM). The duo has been mentioned previously in other reports but nothing was done to see to it that they face music. Chenge especially has been living in the ocean of scandals. In 2008, he was implicated by UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) for having received $ 1 million as kickbacks in radar procurement. When he was asked about having such a humongous amount of money, Chenge replied that, to him, such was but peanuts. Therefrom, he was nicknamed mzee wa Vijisenti or Mr. Peanuts. Now that Chenge’s and Ngeleja’s dirty laundries are in the agora, will CCM follow suit and heed Ndugai’s call? However, president Magufuli pre-empted what can happen to the culprits saying that, the CCM has its way of dealing with them among which is being reprimanded. Many wondered why Magufuli who is CCM’s chairman fell short of saying that the culprits can be expelled from the party based on what he calls party’s code of conducts.
            In sum, thanks to what transpired, is Tanzania going to the dogs? Is the island of peace in pieces?
Source: Citizen Wed., today.
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Presidential rerun; Kenya isn’t out of the wood yet

          No doubt. Kenya is facing a Solomonic test that begs for Solomonic wisdom. After the Supreme Court of Kenya nullified president Uhuru Kenyatta’s win, Kenya, once again, was pushed back to square one as far as the search for its president is concerned. September 1, 2017 goes to the annals of history as the day, for the first time in East Africa, Africa and the world at large, president’s results were nullified. What a big blow for rulers in countries in the region who tamper with the constitution to cling unto power.! For, from what transpired in Kenya, many citizens have seen the beauty of having progressive constitutions. This means; Kenya is now shifting gears from presidential democracy to Constitutional democracy. Notably, up till now, the full ruling and the rationale thereof have not been known. For, the court hasn’t yet released them.
            However, the Supreme Court, in its decision, ruled that Kenya’s presidential election was not credible, free, fairs and verifiable; thus invalid, null and void thanks to the illegalities and irregularities the court found. The said election didn’t meet constitutional prescriptions as stipulated in Kenya’s constitution. Therefore, the Court ordered the rerun within 60 days of make or break that will decide the future of Kenya.  With Kenya’s future hanging in the balance, as country and a people, needs more than what it takes to come out of this imbroglio peacefully and safely. There are a few reasons to think that anything can happen though elections and a long waiting that followed were peaceful and hopeful.
            First, I don’t think; the time stipulated in the constitution is sufficient enough for Kenya to conduct credible, free and fair presidential election. Apart from the constraints of time, there are resources constraints such as finance, logistic, procurement of electoral materials and whatnots.
            Secondly, the body charged with conducting the election, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), like the court, is now at the receiving end, especially from the losers of the petition. Recently, president Kenyatta and his deputy slung mud at the judiciary while the opposition, the National Super Alliance (NASA) said categorically that the IEBC has lost its credibility, thus, it cannot conduct another election. While the NASA wants the IEBC to pack And hit the road, the status quo prefers it to conduct the rerun as prescribed in the constitution. This means: Kenya is facing legal-cum-political impasse at the same time. The situation becomes even dire due to the fact that the constitution stipulates that elections should be conducted in 60 days shall the results be nullified.  Legally speaking, such provisions were enacted to deal with parliamentary; and possibly gubernatorial and other disputes but not presidential. This is why the Supreme Court’s ruling caught Kenya off guard. Never had in Africa any presidential victory been quashed. Thus, those who enacted the law didn’t expect such an eventuality would happen. Is Kenya capable of conducting a credible, free and fair election within the confines of the constitution? How if  the NASA doesn’t trust the IEBC? Will wisdom dictate that Kenya amends its constitution to accommodate this eventuality?
            Third, apart from legal limbo and political imbroglio-cum-quandary, recently the situation took a bad turn when President Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, attacked the decision; and referred to the Supreme Court as Kangaroo  court and judges wakora or crooks which is unfortunate and bad. Ironically, the same said that they will respect its decision!
            Fourth, looking at how diverging and discordant the campaigns and polls were, Kenya is currently divided right down the middle gyrating around ethno-affiliations. This shifts national politics to ethnopolitics whose tendencies are always deadly and unpredictable if we remember the 2007-2008 Post-Election Violence (PEV). I am not trying to be a doomsayer or a worrywart,. chiefly when I explore the fact that the protagonists who caused such a crisis are almost the same save that this time the competition is between Kenyatta and Raila Odinga as opposed to Mwai Kibaki and Odinga. Importantly, the duo comes from the same antagonistic tribes and their alliances.
            Now what should be done to do away with this catch-22?
            Firstly, the Supreme Court should caution politicians about the contempt of court. Shall they stand their ground; they must be sued and punished. This will de-escalate the looming danger such monkey business can cause.
            Secondly, the NASA must go to court to stop the IEBC from conducting the rerun. For, it was found liable for some criminal negligence; and partly the contempt of court due to refusing to allow the petitioners to access some evidence as ordered by the court.
            To cut a long story short, Kenya needs Solomonic wisdom to pull it out of the limbo is in. and this is only possible shall all Kenyans stand as one as they shy away from their tribal bubbles.
Source: Citizen Wed’, today.

Kijiwe champongeza pilato mkuu wa Kenya

       Image result for photos of david maraga    Baada ya mahakama kuu ya Kenya kumpiga kalamu rais Uhuru Kenyatta, Kijiwe kimempongeza jaji mkuu wa kaya hiyo Davie Maraga aliyesimama kidete kulinda maslahi ya umma.
            Msomi Mkatatamaa aliyekuwako kule kama mwangalizi wa kijiwe wa uchakachuaji ule anaingia akiwa na furaha ya kufa mtu. Anaamkua na kuagiza kahawa na kusema “si niliwambia kuwa Uhuuto utapigwa chini kwenye mahakama ya haki! Mmesikia rafiki yangu na mwanafunzi wangu Davie Maraga alivyofanya kweli kuonyesha alivyoelewa somo langu la jurisprudential supremacy and sancrosanctity of the constitution?”
            Mzee Maneno anamchomekea “hiyo sankaramantiki ni mnyama gani Msomi mbona unaniacha Solemba ndugu yangu?” Kijiwe hakina mbavu namna anavyoharibu maneno ya kitasha tokana na kutopiga buku babu huyu wa kiramizi.
            Kapende anaamua kumpoka mic mzee Maneno “nadhani Msomi anamaanisha ukuu na utukufu wa sheria ambao, bila shaka, ndio uliwawezesha majaji kutoogopa cheo cha mtu wala njuluku zake na kuamua kutenda haki kwa kusema wazi kuwa kulikuwa na uchakachuaji kwenye uchakachuaji uliopita wa Kenya. Natamani hii ingekuwa hapa kwenye kaya yetu. Nichukue fursa hii kuwapongeza majaji hawa hasa kiongozi wao jaji mkuu Davie Maraga ambaye ni shemeji yangu.”
            Mpemba anakwanyua mic “yakhe waliozea vya kunyonga; vya kuchinja hawaviwezi ati! Kweli mie nilishangaa sana kusikia eti hawa jirani walikuwa wamenchagua mwana wa mtesi wao anosifia kwa unyakuzi wa mashamba na ulimbikizaji wa mali huku akiwaacha hai lakini hoi. Nshangaa na kusikitika sana. Heri majaji wametenda haq. Wallahi nasema, nasi twataka haki kama hii. Ingekuwa yawezekana, kwa vile kaya yetu haina jaji mkuu, ningemualika jaji Maraga aje huku lau tupate katiba mpya ati.”
            “Sasa wewe unatafuta matatizo. Hukusikia wapingaji walivyopiga kelele hadi makoo yakakauka ukiachia wengine kutiwa misukosuko? Hata hivyo, kama Kenya iliondokana na imla kama Dan arap Mwai, nasi kuna siku tutauzika uimla kama walivyofanya bila hata kurusha ngumi. Naamini dunia inabadilika kila uchao ingawa wanene wetu hawataki kuliona na kulikubali hili” anachomekea Mijjinga huku akifunua ukurasa wa tabu kubwa analosoma kuhusu utawala wa kidemokrasia na haki” anachomekea Mipawa.
            Mgoshi Machungi aliyekuwa kimya anaamua kula mic “jamani, kwanza tieeze wazi. Mimi niifuahi kusikia habai hizi toka Kenya. Mpaka sasa sieewi ogic wakenya wanayotumia kuchagua mwana wa mfame kama aivosema ami wakati aiwazuumu ardhi na mai kiasi cha kuacha famiia yake ikiwa ya mabiionea! Tikiejea hapa kayani, naona wakati umefika wa kudai katiba mpya bia kupepesa jicho waa kumung’unya maneno. Maana ukiangaia uchakachuaji wetu unaofanyika kia mwaka, unatamani tingekuwa na katiba mpya angaau tufanye mambo mapya kama waivofanya Kenya.”
            Mheshimiwa Bwege anaamua kutia guu mapema. Anakula mic “huwa nashangaa wanaotaka mambo yetu yawe kama Kenya. Wenzenu, tokana na kuminywa sana na ubepari tangu kupata uhuru walitia akili. Wako tayari kulianzisha wakati wowote wanapohisi mambo sivyo ndivyo tofauti nasi tunaotaka kila kitu kiletwe kwenye sahani. Watawala si watu wa kujadiliana. Ni kama nyuki. Bila moto asali haitoki mzingani. Lau nyuki asali ni yao. Mfano rahisi ni kwamba maziwa huwa ni yako kabla hujampa paka. Je unafanya nini kumnyang’anya paka maziwa? Lazima uwe tayari kuparuriwa na iwe zake ama zako au vipi.”
            Da Sofia Lion aka Kanungaembe anakula mic “hapa kaka umenikuna kweli kweli.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea Mchunguliaji anamchomekea da Sofia” amekukuna wapi na vipi; mbona sijakupata vizuri dada?”
            Mheshimwa Bwege hangoji Sofia ajitetee. Maana ameguswa yeye; na isitoshe ameguswa yeye. Anajibu ‘nimemkuna hapo hapo na hivyo hivyo unavyotaka au vipi? Kwani mawazo yangu hayajakukuna hata wewe ndugu yangu!” Mchunguliaji anaamua yaishe kwe mkwara. Anasema ‘tuheshimiane mheshimwa Bwege. Naye mheshimiwa Bwege anajibu “tuheshimiane basi.”
            Kanji naye kapata upenyo. Anakwida mic “vatu iko sema witu wingi bila angalia sababu na singi yake. Leo nasifia Kenia. Hii vatu yaKenia iko na katiba safi sana. Sasa hii nataka mambo ive kama Kenia na katiba laka kweli nafikiri zuri dugu yanguni? Kama nataka kvenda bingunina pepo lazima ikufe.” Kijiwe hakina mbavu namna Kanji anavyobukanya uswa ingawa wengi huwa wanajifanya hawaujui wakati wanaujua fika kuliko hata waswa wenyewe.
             Baada ya kusikiliza hoja za wote, Msomi anaamua kutia guu uwanjani lau afunge mjadala kabla kijiwe hakijavurugwa na mambo ya mtaani. Anasema “ni kweli tunahitaji katiba mpya. Ila hatuwezi kuipata kwenye sahani ya dhahabu. Kama alivyosema vizuri Kanji, hatuwezi kwenda peponi, kama ipo, bila kufa. Nakubaliana na mheshimiwa Bwege kuwa bila moto asali haitoki. Hivyo, nashauri tujipange. Muhimu kuliko yote, nampongeza mwanafunzi wangu jaji Maraga kwa ujasiri na heshima yake kwa kaya yake. Wiki ijayo lazima nitie timu kijijini Bonyamatuta kumpa tafu huyu Mura Kikiohoya.
            Kijiwe kikiwa ndiyo kinachanganya si ikapigwa kelele ya mwizi! Acha kila mmoja atoke mkuku kwenda kushuhudia kibaka anavyochomwa moto wakati mibaka ikienziwa.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J’tano kesho.

Katiba Mpya: Barua ya wazi kwa rais John Magufuli

Image result for photos of magufuli
           Mheshimiwa rais John Pombe Magufuli,
            Habari za kazi na majukumu mazito ya kuendesha taifa? Kwa heshima kubwa napenda kukuandikia waraka huu wa wazi nikijadili umuhimu wa kuwa na katiba mpya nchini. Naamini utapata fursa, kama si wewe, basi washauri wako kusoma waraka huu kwako kama kiongozi mku wan chi. Leo nitaongelea umuhimu wa kurejea na kurejesha mchakato wa kulipatia taifa katiba mpya ambayo watangulizi wako waliiua kwa sababu ambazo hadi leo hazijulikani kwa watanzania wenye nchi na katiba yao.
            Ndugu rais, wewe kama kiongozi mkuu na mwakilishi wa wananchi, unapaswa kusikiliza sauti za watu wako. Kwanini nasema usikilize sauti na vilio vya wananchi waliokuchagua uendesha serikali yao kwa niaba yao? Mosi, ukirejea wingi wa watanzania waliojitokeza kutoa maoni katika mchakato wa kukusanya maoni, utagundua kuwa wengi wa watanzania wana hamu na katiba mpya. Mbali na hilo, ukiangalia muda na fedha zilizotumika katika zoezi hili, yeyote anayepanga au aliyepanga kuua maoni ya wananchi anapaswa kuchukuliwa kama mhaini, mhujumu na adui wa taifa. Tanzania ni nchi maskini yenye kutegemea kuombaomba na kukopakopa. Hivyo, haiwezi kuzamisha mabilioni ya fedha kwenye zoezi ambalo linaweza kutekwa na kuuawa na miunguwatu fisadi wawili au watatu. Hii ni kashfa kwa watanzania. Ni dharau isiyo kifani kwa watanzania ambao kimsingi ndiyo wenye mamlaka na haki ya kuwa na katiba na si watawala wao.
            Ndugu rais, nadhani umeshuhudia yaliyotokea nchi ya jirani ya Kenya ambapo matokeo ya uchaguzi wa rais yalibatilishwa baada ya kugundulika uvunjaji sheria na katiba. Hili naomba liwe somo kwako kuwa Tanzania nayo inahitaji katiba mpya ili kufanya mambo kisasa na kizamani. Kilichotokea Kenya ni ushahidi kuwa nchi inapokuwa na katiba viraka, inaweza kutawaliwa na viongozi bandia wasiotokana na utashi wa wananchi kama ilivyotaka kutokea nchini Kenya.
            Ndugu rais, najua ulivyo na uchungu na taifa lako. Umeonyesha hili wazi kwa namna unavyopambana na ufisadi na maovu mengine. Hili halina shaka wala mjadala. Hata hivyo, huwezi kufanikiwa kufika unakotaka kulifikisha taifa bila kuwa na nyenzo inayokupa nguvu na msaada wa kufanya hivyo yaani katiba inayokwenda na wakati ikiweka mbele uwajibikaji wa kitaasisi na wa mtu binafsi. Najua namna ufisadi unavyokukera na kukuhangaisha. Ungekuwa na katiba inayotamka wazi kuwa yeyote atakayetenda ufisadi afikishwe mbele ya vyombo vya sheria, wala usingehangaika hata kuwatetea wala kuwakingia kifua watangulizi wao ambao kufanya hivyo, kumetia doa dhima na lengo lako la kupambana na uovu. Ungekuwa na katiba mpya, wala usingepoteza muda kutumia jeshi la polisi kukimbizana na wapinzani badala ya wahalifu kama ilivyo sasa. Ungekuwa na katiba mpya usingekuwa na mizigo kama baadhi ya watendaji wako walioko karibu nawe waliotuhumiwa kughushi ukashindwa kuwawajibisha.
            Ndugu rais, watanzania wanataka katiba mpya. Ni nani huyu anayehujumu azma hii ili wamjue na ikiwezekana kumshughulikia? Kwa nikujuavyo kama mchapakazi na mzalendo wa kupigiwa mfano, utaepukana na vikwazo na vishawishi vya kutaka nawe uwe sehemu ya tatizo katika kusaka katiba mpya ambayo kimsingi ilishapatikana tokana kazi pevu iliyofanywa na tume ya Jaji Warioba. Nadhani, kinachokosekana au tuseme kilichokosekana ni ujasiri na udhu wa kufanya hivyo.
            Ndugu rais, kwa kiongozi mahiri kama wewe aliyeonyesha usafi wa hali ya juu, huna cha kuchelea ili ukwamishe upatikanaji wa katiba mpya vinginevyo kama una mpango wa kubadilika hapo baadaye. Kwa vile wewe ni binadamu, usijisikie vibaya kusema haya. Sina shaka nawe kwa sasa kutokana na udhu ulioonyesha kuwa nao.
            Ndugu rais, sisi binadamu ni viumbe wa muda; tunapita. Ni kama umande wa asubuhi kwenye majani. Hata hivyo, sawa na umande, hurutubisha mbegu ambazo huendeleza pale tunapoachia. Kwa rais anayeitazama Tanzania miaka mia ijayo, hana sababu yoyote ya msingi kukatilia uwepo wa katiba mpya. Hata kama ana marafiki anaodhani wanaweza kuingia matatani baada ya kupitishwa kwa katiba mpya, nadhani Tanzania ni muhimu kuliko marafiki na binadamu wowote hata wawe au waliwahi kushika madaraka makubwa kiasi gani. Nakuomba ndugu rais uige mfano wa Yesu aliyesema kila mtu ataubeba msalaba wake mwenyewe. Biblia katika Luka 14: 27 inasema “na kama huwezi kubebe msalaba wako na kunifuata, wewe si mwanafunzi wangu.” Nami niongeze “kama hutaki uwepo wa katiba mpya, basi wewe si mwenzangu na usinipotezee muda na kuniharibia uongozi wangu.”
            Ndugu rais, nimalizie kwa mambo mawili. Mosi, kuomba urejeshe mchakato wa upatikanaji wa katiba mpya. Na pili, ueleze taifa tatizo liko wapi ili wakusaidie kulitatua ili taifa lisonge mbele na kuheshimu maoni na mawazo ya umma. Walatini wana msema mmoja maarufu ambao, bila shaka, hata nawe unaufahamu. Vox populi vox dei yaani sauti ya wengi ni sauti ya Mungu. Ni shetani gani huyu ambaye anampinga Mungu? Tuseme wote kwa pamoja: Ashindwe na alegee.
Nimalizie kwa kukushukuru; na kama utaweza unaweza kunijibu.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J’tano kesho.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Katiba mpya somo toka Kenya

Image result for photos of rasimu ya katiba mpya
          Japo wakenya wakisema kuna mambo wanazidi nchi nyingine huonekana kama wanajisifia sawa na watanzania. Mfano, wakenya huiita nchi yao economic hub of East and Central Africa sawa na watanzania wanavyojiita kisiwa cha amani barani Afrika. Kuna mambo wakenya wana haja ya kujisifia sawa na watanzania na wananchi wengine wa nchi za kiafrika zilizotengenezwa na mkoloni jambo ambalo linaonyesha namna tunavyoshangilia ukoloni kiasi cha kuushiriki kwa namna moja au nyingine.
            Pamoja na mijisifa mingine isiyo na msingi, kwa sasa Kenya inangia kwenye kundi teule barani la nchi za Afrika ya Kusini, Botswana na Ghana kama nchi zinazoweza kujisifu kuwa zina katiba zilizostaarabika. Kwani, katiba za nchi hizi zimefanya kila mhimili wa dola kujitegemea na kutoingiliwa wala kuingilia mihimili mingine kama inavyotaka dhana ya utawala bora na wa sheria. Chini ya dhana hii, juzi dunia, kwa mara ya kwanza, ilishuhudia ushindi wa rais ukifutiliwa na kubatilishiwa mbali na mahakama. Kitendo hiki, licha ya kuiletea Kenya sifa kedekede, kimeiweka mbele hata kuliko nchi vigogo vinavyojigamba kuwa mabingwa na walimu wa demokrasia kwa Afrika kama vile Marekani ambayo ina migogoro ya matokeo ya uchaguzi sawa na nchi za kiafrika.
            Pia uamuzi huu umekuwa suto karibu kwa nchi zote za kiafrika ukiondoa zile zilizoonyeshwa hapo juu. Ni suto sana kwa Afrika Mashariki ambayo licha ya kuwa na serikali mbili tu za kidemokrasia za Kenya na Tanzania, ina wingi wa viongozi ving’ang’anizi wa madaraa chini ya visingizio mbali mbali.
            Leo safu hii itaangalia masomo yanayopatikana kwenye uamuzi wa mahakama kuu ya Kenya wa kufutilia mbali ushindi wa rais. Kwanza, haijawahi kutokea popote duniani. Je Kenya imefanya hivi kutokana na kuwa na watu wa ajabu? Hasha. Ni kutokana na kuwa na katiba bora yenye kutokana na utashi na mawazo ya wananchi iliyoanza kutumika mwaka 2010. Katiba ya Kenya inatoa haki kwa raia yoyote kupinga matokeo yoyote katika nafasi za kuchaguliwa hata kuteuliwa anapohisi haki haikutendeka. Wakati Katiba ya Kenya ikifanya hivyo, ya Tanzania hairuhusu hata kuhoji matokeo hasa ya urais. Inamuweka rais juu ya sheria jambo ambalo licha ya kuwa moja ya masalia ya ukoloni, ni aina fulani ya ukoloni ulioendelezwa na watawala waliopokea uhuru na waliowafuata kwa hofu ya kuondolewa madarakani hata kushitakiwa walipovurunda.
            Pili, tokana na kuwa na Katiba inayotoa uhuru na haki kwa wananchi wengi, hata taasisi za Kenya kama vile Mahakama  na nyingine zinao uhuru na wajibu kwa wananchi wote bila kujali mamlaka yao. Hivyo, mahakama ya Kenya ni huru; na uamuzi wake hauwezi kuingiliwa na mhimili mwingine kama ilivyo kwenye nchi nyingine ambako mahakama hutumika kama mhuri au rubberstamp wa utawala.
            Si mahakama tu. Hata bunge la Kenya lina haki na uhuru kuliko mabunge mengi ya Afrika ambayo hutumika kama nyumba ndogo za utawala katika kulinda na kuendeleza uovu. Mifano midogo ni nchini Rwanda na Uganda ambapo mabunge yalipitisha sheria za kuruhusu watawala wao kubadilisha katiba ili kubakia madarakani kinyume cha matakwa ya wananchi.
            Tukija Tanzania, bunge letu bado si huru tokana na kuwa na wabunge wengi wa chama tawala; jambo ambalo hulifanya lipitishe mambo ya hovyo bila kuogopa kushughulikiwa kisheria. Ukiachia hili, ukosefu wa sheria inayolipa madaraka hata likiwa chini ya chama kimoja kama mhimili wa dola yanaonekana namna chama tawala kinavyolitumia litakavyo bunge. Mfano wa hivi karibuni ulijitokeza hivi karibuni nchini Afrika Kusini ambapo katiba huru hulipa bunge uhuru. Baada ya vyama vya upinzani kutoridhishwa na udhu wa rais wa nchi hiyo mwenye wingi wa kashfa za rushwa na ukosefu wa maadili hata binafsi Jacob Zuma, walikwenda mahakamani  na bunge likaamuru rais apigiwe kura ya kutokuwa naye imani. Kama si kuwa na wabunge wengi wa chama chake–ambacho kimechakaa tangu aondoke rais wa kwanza wa nchi hiyo shujaa Nelson Mandela kama CCM baada ya Nyerere– walimuokoa. Ingekuwa Tanzania nani alitegemea upinzani upeleke hoja bungeni halafu spika aipitishe? Ni mara moja ilipotokea bunge likapitisha hoja ya kutaka kuishughulikia serikali mwaka 2008 ambapo–tokana na siasa za makundi ndani ya chama tawala na ushiriki wa rais mwenyewe kwenye kashfa–alimtoa kafara waziri wake mkuu.
            Somo jingine linalotolewa na ubatilishwaji wa matokeo ya urais nchini Kenya ni kwamba Tanzania inahitaji kufikiri upya juu ya kuendelea kuua rasimu ya katiba mpya ya wanachi iliyolenga kuondoa mabaki ya ukoloni Tanzania ambayo imekuwa ikiendeshwa na katiba viraka ya zamani isiyo endana wala kukidhi matakwa ya watanzania. Katiba ya sasa ni ya watawala na si ya wananchi tofauti na katiba ya Kenya ambayo ni ya wananchi na wanaweza kuitumia dhidi ya watawala hata akiwamo rais bila kikwazo wala woga.
            Tumalizie kwa kuwataka watanzania na  hata watawala kuanzisha mchakato wa kudai kurejeshwa kwa mchakato wa katiba mpya kama kweli si wanafiki wanataka kuikomboa na kuiendeleza nchi kama wengi wanavyosema. Tunataka matendo na si maneno. Tunataka katiba mpya sasa.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J’pili kesho. Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fighting corruption: A lesson from South Korea

South Korea recently stunned the world; entering history books for being among countries that unpityingly deal with corruption regardless who’s implicated. Former president Park Geun-hye was booted out of office after allegedly allowing her consigliore, Choi Soon-sil to misuse her office to illicitly mint and print money.

Choi–also behind bars–used her amity with Park to strong-arm companies to furtively donate money to her low-down Non-Governmental Organisation many wives of the presidents or consigliore use nowadays in their voracity for illegal opulence. One time, Samsung donated US$ 69M to Choi’s outfit.

Park’s hove to the prison waiting for her case to be determined along with her consigliore Choi. The CTV (March 30th, 2017) reports that when she arrived at the prison, an opponent held up a mock laudatory ribbon with flowers that read “Park Geun-hye, congratulations for entering prison. Come out as a human being after 30 years.” The treatment was different from our big sacred cows–the raja recently said–are not supposed to be touched or punished for their clutter.

If Park were an African raja, would have been at home lampooning those baying for her blood. She’d even have the guts of ordering their arrest if not incarceration. The difference however is that nobody’s above the law in South Korea. They know too well. Once a bin-Adam’s above the law, s/he’ll become corrupt through and through knowingly; nobody’ll make him or her face the music. In Africa, power’s about who bears it to rake in some money; not alone but also his family members, courtiers, major domos and whomever she’s pleased with. Essentially, the country’s like a private estate when it comes to [mis] managing it.

No doubt. Tanzania’s currently engrossed in multiple mega-billion scams either involving the rajas or their righthand persons geared by greed, ignorance, malice and whatnot. We’ve already heard some warnings that untouchables should not be impugned even verbally. Ironically, the raja–that did what many feared the most–seems to start contradicting himself thinking he can serve two masters, former rajas and hoi polloi. Tanzania’s decision to take on exploitative investors head on attracted many feelings some questioning the rationale of dealing with small fish by sparing sharks. Other congratulated to the extent that it became incongruously monotonous. they said; the raja’s, at least, tried while opponent argue that he’s not doing things scientifically because the laws that pulled the country in this enmeshment are still intact not to mention bogus pacts entered. Further, detractors demand that the process of resuscitating the New Draft Constitution should be rejuvenated in order to enable the country to have legal tools to deal with mega graft. For instance, how do you fight mega graft while you’ve the raja that’s above the law; thus immunised from his or her criminal acts?

Ideal examples can be drawn from recent raja’s outbursts that nobody should touch his predecessors. When Kilombero MP (CHADEMA) Peter Lijualikali woofed for their blood, the speaker of the august house, Job Ndugai presaged him that the opposition he’s speaking from has two former PMs whose dirty linens are known to the ruling party. Ironically, Ndugai forgot; PMs don’t enjoy immunity like their bosses. He’s lucky. Had it been in South Korea, he’d have paid dearly. He too, forgot; sham infallibility’s the root cause of countries endowed with hungous precious resources become poor and beggars because of such bêtes noirs. Singida East MP (CHADEMA) Tundu Lissu didn’t beat around the bush. He said that the contracts under scrutiny were signed by LTC. Jakaya Kikwete on 5thAugust, 1994; and he then didn’t have any immunity; which also applies today as far as criminal liabilities committed before one becomes an anointed aren’t covered under presidential immunity. Again, who’ll bell the cat this time around? Had it been in South Korea no stone would have been left unturned?

Source: The Citizen Wed., today.



Ama kweli aliyeko juu mngoje chini! Nani alitegemea tapeli Rugemalayer kulala Keko?

Mtuhumiwa na kingpin wa wizi wa IPTL James Rugemalira sasa ni mahabusu anayesota asijue atachomoka lini. Sawa na Hassy Kitilya, Sioi Sumari na vigogo wengine, anaendelea kuonja matunda ya jinai yake. Picha hii japo ni ya kiumbe anayeudhi, nimeipenda sana. Nadhani hili linapaswa kuwa somo kwa majambazi wengine ambao tawala zilizopita licha ya kulala nao kitanda kimoja ziliwaendekeza na kuwalinda kiasi cha kutukoga na fedha zetu. May they perish!